June Many Glacier Photo Workshop - Itinerary and Gear List:


This photo workshop will explore the Swiftcurrent Valley of Glacier Park also known as Many Glacier, renowned for its majestic scenery and abundant wildlife - moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, deer and grizzly bear are among the larger species inhabiting this region. The itinerary presented here is tentative and flexible, subject to change based on current conditions, participant's interests, and constraints beyond our control.

Accommodations in the immediate Many Glacier area are limited and fill quickly, so plan well in advance. Reservations at the Many Glacier Hotel and Swiftcurrent Motor Inn may be secured directly through Glacier Park Lodges. The Many Glacier Campground is first-come, first-serve; and may fill early in the afternoon during mid-June.

June 21rd - 6:00 PM - Meet and Greet Introduction

Interlaken Lounge - Many Glacier Hotel (Adjacent to the Ptarmigan Dining Room and Swiss Lounge). Have the opportunity to meet your hosts and Tour Leaders Rick & Dody Sheremeta, as well as other fellow workshop participants, at an informal get together. Cocktails and soft drinks are available, for purchase, from the adjoining Swiss Lounge. Additionally, you may join the group for dinner (Dutch treat) after intros in the Ptarmigan Dining Room. The perfect way to relax and get to know each other before hitting the trail in the morning.

Day 1 (June 22nd)

7:00 AM - Meet on front porch at entrance to dining room at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn (short drive or walk from MGH)

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM - We will hike the Swiftcurrent Trail first stopping at Fishercap Lake (1/2 mile) where moose commonly graze in the shallow waters. From there, we will proceed to Red Rock Lake and Red Rock Falls (+/- 1.5 miles/elevation gain +/- 200'). Based on time and energy level, we will continue on to the head of Bullhead Lake (another +/- 1.5 miles/elevation gain +/- 200') at the base of the Garden Wall. Photographing scenery, beautiful lakes, waterfalls and wildlife are our goals along this trek. There are opportunities to see and photograph moose, grizzlies and bighorn sheep along this route. We will find a picturesque spot along the trail for lunch break (bring bag lunch).

7:00 PM - Evening photography on your own or TBA

Day 2 (June 23rd)

7:00 AM - Meet at the Many Glacier Hotel (MGH) on the main level rear observation deck, south end at 7:00 AM. for morning shoot from rear deck at Many Glacier Hotel

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM - We will initially hike out to Grinnell Lake taking in the beautiful scenery. This is a fairly easy hike and a good one to begin with (+/- 5 miles round trip - fairly flat and easy except for 80' rise between Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine. We will stop all along the route for photos. There will be great opportunities for tremendous scenic shots of lakes, mountains, waterfalls, flowers and wildlife. Grizzly bear and moose may be present in this area. On the return, those who wish may board the motor vessel Morning Eagle for the trip back to the end of Lake Josephine and then onto Chief Two Guns, across Swiftcurrent Lake returning to the Many Glacier Hotel (there is a separate charge for boat tour which is not included in workshop fee). We will have a lunch break on the trail (bring bag lunch).

7:00 PM - Evening photography on your own or TBA

Day 3 (June 24th) - This will be the longest, and toughest day in the field

7:00 AM - Meet on front porch at entrance to dining room at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn

7:00 AM - 5:00 PM - We will travel by foot today along the Ptarmigan Trail to Iceberg Lake - as its name implies this cirque lake lies at the base of the famed Garden Wall and has icebergs floating on its surface throughout the summer months. The entire round-trip length of this hike is +/-9.7 miles with an altitude gain of roughly 1275' - it is one of the best hikes in the Park, and well worth it. The first quarter mile is the hardest with an elevation gain of some 200'. The next 2 miles are less steep but contimue to rise. Spectacular scenery abounds and is prime for viewing grizzly bears. We will take a short rest stop (bring snack) at Ptarmigan Falls before continuing on. The next mile, beyond the Falls, is forested with not much to see, but then we will emerge into open wildflower covered meadows with grand views and plenty of photo ops. The remainder of the trip is a steady but moderate incline up to Iceberg Lake. Occasionally moose will be encountered grazing in these alpine meadows. We will break for lunch (bring bag lunch) at Iceberg Lake - resting up for the return to the trailhead and taking ample time for photos. A rain jacket or lightweight fleece will be welcome at the Lake because it can be chilly in June. Those not wishing to make the entire trek may return to the trailhead at any time they wish - it is recommended that you not travel alone however there are generally numerous other hikers out on this popular trail. Depending on the level of the snowfield, we may have to modify this itinerary.

On the return, we will make a slight detour at the trailhead going by Wilbur Falls and on to Fishercap Lake to check for moose.

7:00 PM - Evening photography on your own or TBA

Day 4 (June 25th) -

7:00 AM - Meet on front porch at entrance to dining room at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn or TBA

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM -

Option 1 - We will travel by carpool to the outlet of Swiftcurrent Lake where we will photograph Swiftcurrent Falls. We will then travel by auto to the trailhead for Apakuni Falls. This is a moderately strenuous 700 foot climb covering roughly one mile, but the waterfall is spectacular and shouldn't be missed. Again, we will have lunch on the trail. Depending on the level of the snowfield, we may have to modify this itinerary.

Option 2 - Meet at the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead. Hike along the west shores of Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine up towards Grinnell Glacier. At this time of year, we wouldn't expect to reach the glacier because of snow, however the views and photographic opportunities along the way are spectacular.

5:00 PM - Program ends


Glacier Park is bear habitat, both black and grizzly live there.  We cannot guarantee that you will not have an encounter. You should make yourselves intimately familiar and comfortable with the practices recommended by the National Park Service regarding any encounters with bears and other wild animals, prior to your arrival in the Park.  Your guide will review these practices in our first meeting as well.  In addition, it is likely that your guide will be carrying bear spray.  Any park visitor can carry it, for their own sense of comfort and safety.  Please be advised, bear spray is not allowed on the airlines.  Bear Spray will need to be purchased locally, and may be left with us to dispose of upon your departure.

A signed assumption of risk, and waiver of liability will be required of each participant prior to the start of the Photo Tour (a copy will be furnished upon request).


Photo Equipment

  • Camera body and manual
  • Extra memory cards - suggest minimum of three 8 GB cards (never have enough)
  • Flash
  • Sturdy Tripod
  • Extra camera and flash batteries and charger(s)
  • Lenses - whatever you use - suggest wide angle and telephoto zooms for hiking - wide angle range of 18mm to 28mm and telephoto range up to 400mm will be sufficient
  • Macro lens, extension tubes or diopters for close-ups
  • Filters - polarizer, graduated neutral density (3-stop generally sufficient) and variable neutral density
  • Other - lens cleaning brush/cloth, electronic shutter release cable
  • Camera bag sufficient to carry all your camera gear, lunch, water, extra clothing/jacket, and rain gear
  • Heavy-duty plastic garbage bag plus a couple of gallon size zip-lock bags for gear rain protection. If you have a camera rain cover bring that too

Personal Equipment

Weather can be extremely variable in Glacier Park at any time and in June rain is not uncommon. Therefore it is best to be prepared for any outdoor activity. In addition to normal personal gear, this is what is suggested to help make your stay more enjoyable:
  • Comfortable hiking shoes or boots and lightweight merino wool socks (wool is better than cotton for breathability and chafing resistance)
  • Breathable rain gear - hooded jacket and pants
  • Light weight fleece jacket/pullover(s)
  • Wool cap and lightweight gloves
  • Hat - brimmed preferable but ball cap okay
  • Sunglasses, lip balm and sun screen
  • Water bottles - suggest two one-liter bottles


Please feel free to Contact Us directly with any questions or concerns that you may have.